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Editing your projects

You’ll be able to move walls, with the click of a button.

Adapting the rooms to the required size

  • Click on a wall and use your mouse to move the wall. 
  • Click on a corner and use your mouse to extend the room as wished.

 Changing a room’s position

Select a room by double clicking on it and move your mouse to move it.


Customizing a room

These options are very useful in case of complex rooms or corridors

Construction points 

  • To create a new construction point, double-click on a wall to create a new point. Click on this new point and use your mouse to extend the room as you wish.
  • To delete a construction point, click on the construction point and slide it onto another construction point of the room. They will merge into one same point. As an alternative double click on the construction point. It will then be deleted.


Select a wall by clicking on it.
Click on the “information” icon on the bottom left of your screen to open the wall menu.
From this menu, you have access to three types of actions:
  1. Adding a construction point: to create a new construction point dividing the wall’s distance in two even parts.
  2. Adding a wall: have you deleted a wall and you want to add it again? Select the third icon to re-insert a wall.
  3. Deleting the selected wall: use the “Trash” icon or press the “Delete” key on your keyboard.
  1. The wall will still be visible in 2D view. It will be thinner than other walls. Use 3D view to visualize the result.  

Isolated View

Because a perfect process requires focusing on every single part. Focus mode allows you to visualize one room in the solution builder and edit it. This can help when you have created a large facility with several rooms, and allows you to focus on the design of one specific room. Select a room by double clicking on it and choose the “Edit” button on the left side menu.


Anchoring walls

Do you need to use the same wall for two separate rooms?
Select a room and move it towards another room. If two walls are common to the two rooms they will merge into one same wall – the anchor wall

Anchoring a wall’s construction point on a separate wall

This option allows you to anchor the construction point of a wall, on another wall. All you need to do is bring the two walls together in a manner where the anchoring point is on the destination wall. 

Deleting a room

Select the room by double clicking on it and use the “Trash” icon or press the “Delete” key on your keyboard to delete it.

Selecting multiple equipment

On your keyboard hold the “Ctrl” button and double-click on the first equipment you wish to add to your selection. Then, by still holding the control button double-click on the other equipment you wish to add.

Deleting a multiple selection

Click on the “Trash” icon to delete all the selected equipment.

Updated on September 19, 2019

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