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Accessing the Project Report


The Project Report allows you to get insights on your process and submit quotations to your customers, based on projects you create in HakoBio.

Report version

Please save your project before opening the report. You will then get the latest information of your project.

Just click on “Project Report” on the top left of the solution builder and you will find information like: Total price – Surface – Number of products – Total Footprint as well as details segmented for each room in your project.

Ultimately, you can enter the edit mode by clicking on “Edit” to modify prices, part numbers and the quantity of equipment inside each room. Don’t forget to save the report as a PDF for later use. Just click on Export PDF to save it on your computer.


When exporting the project report, you need to adapt the margins to avoid having headers and footers in the saved report.

After clicking on “Export PDF”, go to “Margins” and select “Custom”.

You can now resize the margins directly into the document to print in .pdf

Updated on September 19, 2019

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