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Introduction to the Solution Builder

A powerful 3D real-time engine

The Solution Builder, acting as a powerful 3D real-time engine, serves as the core of HakoBio, enabling you to visually create and fully leverage your facility’s digital twin. Through the Solution Builder, you can bring your digital twin to life and explore its real-time features and functionalities. This intuitive tool empowers you to design, customize, and optimize your facility’s operations by utilizing the virtual representation offered by the digital twin.

By utilizing the Solution Builder, valuable insights into your facility’s performance and efficiency can be gained, unlocking the full potential of your digital twin.

A centralized hub for all your digital twins projects

Furthermore, the Solution Builder provides convenient features that grant access to previously created projects, as well as projects shared with you by others. These functionalities ensure easy management and navigation of your digital twin projects within the platform. Accessing your project list allows you to quickly locate and revisit existing work or explore shared digital twin projects, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the HakoBio platform.

The Solution Builder acts as a centralized hub for all your digital twin projects, promoting effortless organization and streamlined workflow.

Create templates of you digital twins

Templates projects within the Solution Builder are easily distinguishable by a specific color, setting them apart from other projects. This visual distinction aids in the identification of template projects within the project list. Serving as pre-configured or predefined setups, template projects provide a starting point for new projects or serve as references for specific purposes. It’s important to note that the creation and configuration of template projects are exclusive to administrators.

Share your work with your colleagues or customers

In the Solution Builder, you have the capability to share projects with other users, fostering collaboration and teamwork. When a project is shared with another user, they gain access to view and potentially edit the project, depending on the permissions granted. This collaboration feature allows for joint work on digital twin projects, enhancing productivity and facilitating efficient communication among team members.

Make it public for a digital campaign or a broader audience

Public projects within the Solution Builder are configured to be accessible to anyone who possesses the project’s specific link, without having an account on the platform. This accessibility enables to receive the project link to view its contents without the requirement of creating an account or signing in. Public projects facilitate easy sharing for digital marketing campaign and wider engagement toward your communication.

Create guided tours to foster your onboarding

Guided Tours serve as an invaluable tool for improving user experience and facilitating the exploration and utilization of a project’s capabilities. By providing step-by-step instructions and interactive prompts, Guided Tours aid users in navigating your cleanrooms or facilities , maximizing their understanding, and optimizing their engagement and learning experience.

Updated on June 5, 2023

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