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Access a quizz from a Guided Tour

Access to this add-on

This add-on is only available after activation.

To get the add-on on your organization, please contact us here: OUAT! contact

Before starting doing a quizz please check the following articles to learn how to create and navigate into a Guided Tour from our web-app: Edit a Guided Tour & Navigate into a Guided tour

The quizz add-on allows you to :

  • Answer a question panel created by an administrator or by the creator of a guided tour – from a Guided tour visit on our web-app
  • Get all your results from your Learning Center space

How to access a Quizz

Choose “Enter a project” from the Solution Builder to access a Guided tour

1 – Open a project with an already configured guided tour

All Guided Tour projects have this icon at the top right

2 – Access the First Person View mode by clicking on “Enter project”

Click Enter project

3 – When asked, click on “Guided Tour”

Choose Guided Tour

4 – Start the tour by clicking on “Step 1”

5 – When indicated on the description on of step open the Quizz menu and click on Start

6 – Answer the question by choosing the right answer (if it’s a multiple answer question you will see a message when validating your first response)

How to access your Quizz results

Choose “Learning center” from the HakoBio Home page to access the specific interface

1 – Open the “Learning Center” interface

Click on Learning Center

2 – Click on the tab “Guided Tour”

Click on the tab Guided Tour

3 – From the list choose “Options” the Guided Tour where you have done your quizz

Mouss over on the Guided Tour with quizz and then click on see results

4 – Click on the arrow and then choose : “See results”

After clicking see results, they appear

5 – To access the details of your answers, click on the date when you took the quizz

Click on the date to make appears the details
Updated on July 13, 2022

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