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Access to this add-on

This add-on is available after activation. Please contact us for more information.

The Doc center add-on allows you to :

  • visualize and download content from you organization library.
  • create a custom content library for your projects, trainings and documentation called My Docs.
  • add content to your projects directly in the Solution Builder from your computer or from the Doc Center libraries.

What are the files format you may use in the Doc Center add-on ?

Type of fileActionsPreffered format
ImageUpload, visualize, download.png
AudioUpload, listen , download.mp3 (50 Mb max)
VideoAdd external link, visualizeYoutube link
Add link,
open in another browser tab
Pdf Upload, visualize, download.pdf
Upload, download

Accessing your organization library

Go to the Doc Center menu. You will access different files uploaded and organized by your administrator. This database can be used in your projects in the Solution Builder.

Select the file from the list to visualize them.

Adding a content to your personal library My Docs

Go to the Doc Center menu and select the tab called “My Docs”. These files will only be accessible to you unless you use them in your projects and share them.

You can organize your content by creating folders . Simply click on “New folder”, edit the folder’s name and click on “Create”.

Add files by clicking on “Upload file”. Select the type of document you wish to add and fill in the different fields. Click on “Save doc”.

Deleting a content in your personal library My Docs

In the files list, pass you mouse over the file you want to delete and click on “Edit”, then select Delete.

Adding a content to your project (Solution Builder)

In your projects, you can attach a content to a room or a piece of equipment. Just select the room or piece of equipment and open the info panel. Click on the Media icon next to the Information icon. Click on “Attach Media” button.

You can then add a content directly from your computer. Click on “Upload new doc”. Select the type of document you wish to add and fill in the different fields. Click on “Save doc”. The content will be accessible from this specific project but also be saved into your personnal libray, My Docs.

You can add a content that is already on the Doc Center Libraries : My Docs or your organization library. Just click on the content you wish to add and save it.

Deleting a content from your project (Solution Builder)

Click on the trash icon next to the content title.

Updated on February 1, 2021

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