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Create/Edit a Guided Tour

Access to this add-on

This add-on is only available after activation.

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Congrats on completing your project! It’s now time to experience a full immersion in your process.
HakoBio gives you the ability to create a guided visit of your process, and follow the different steps in order. Accompanied by a virtual guide explaining everything there is to know about the equipment, rooms and steps, you will get the most out of your visit.
The guided visit is created right from the Solution Builder. 
In the Solution Builder Project List, open the project you would like to visit.
Click on the guided tour icon, to open the guided tour panel.

Defining the beginning of the tour

Welcome to your guided tour!
Drag and drop a marker to define the starting point of your guided tour. The visitor will appear at these precise location when starting the visit. 
Move the starting point wherever you want in the project by double-clicking on it. 
 Creating a step 
It’s time to get moving inside the guided tour!
Select a piece of equipment and click on “Add to visit” on the guided tour panel. When adding an equipment to your guided tour a path will appear step by step. This path will be visible during your virtual visit and guide users step by step. 
If you do no want to link a step to an equipment use a marker. Markers can help you define a clearer path through your process. They will be invisible in your virtual visit. Still, you can associate media to them. 

Adding media to a step

Once a step is created, you can add the relevant content by clicking on the small pencil next to the step title and then on “Attach media”. You can also click on the piece of equipment or the marker linked to the step you would like to edit.
The media will then be accessible to the visitors.

Add a description to a step

Enter your text in the description field by clicking on the small pencil on the right. 
Type of media 


Upload the audio file from your computer. Please be careful to upload only .mp3 files limited to 50 Mb. 

Doc Center library

Depending on your organization, you may add media directly from the Doc Center library and specify the access rights to your media.

Deleting associated media

Click on the object and click on the trash icon corresponding to the media you want to delete. 

Changing the steps order

In the guided tour panel, drag the step you want to move and drop it where you want to place it.

Deleting a step

In the guided tour panel, click  on the trash icon next to the step you would like to delete.

Starting a guided tour

All that’s left is to enter the lab to see the result and let your visitors enjoy it !

On the web, click on the FPV  icon and select the guided tour mode.

Sharing a guided tour

You can also share your guided tour via an URL link. Click on “Share” and select “Project embeddable”. By doing so, the guided tour will be public. Share the link. The users will have to paste the link in their browser search bar.

Updated on February 15, 2023

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