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Hakobio VR app – Manage your Settings

An Oculus Quest 2 or HTC Vive Focus 3 with HakoBio VR app installed is needed for all the further steps described.

As you are preparing your VR journey, please check the following information to learn how to use your app settings within HakoBio VR app.

What’s available in the VR settings:

  • Langage
  • User options
  • Multi-viewer mode
HakoBio VR settings menu


English is the default language of your HakoBio VR app. It could be changed to:

  • French
  • Spanish
  • German
Choose your favorite langage

Two methods are available :

  • Before logging in from the login menu
It’s possible to change the langage from the Sign In menu
  • When logged from the settings menu

User options

This mode allows you to choose the difficulty of the training modules such as: guided, custom and expert.

Guided is the default option on your HakoBio VR app. With the option guided you’ll find:

  • Compass:
    • Shows the direction where to look at when an interactable element is not directly in front of your eyes. It also shows the distance (in meters) of this element.
  • HUD:
    • It’s your best companion within a training session, it gives all information you need to understand a situation or an action to do. It also make appears warning or indicate whenever a media (photo or video) is accessible from the VR menu.
  • Voice:
    • Complementary to the HUD it reads all information written on it. It’s a big help to better focus. Remember to increase the volume or to plug headphones for a better privacy.
  • Highlight:
    • It shows all interactable elements during a training session

Here the details inside the setting menu:

  • Guided, where all guiding elements appears
  • Custom, where you can choose to hide all elements and goes to a free tour without any information appearing
  • Expert, for the experts knowing almost everything from the current training. It keeps the HUD to focus better on the chronological flow of actions

Multi-viewer mode

This mode allows you to invite one or multiples viewers during a training session. The person who invit the attendees is the active user, the attendees are viewers.

By default the multi-viewer is disabled.

When the mode is disabled choose a server from the settings menu. All attendees must be on the same server.

Select Autom Region Choice to choose a server
All attendees must be on the same server to meet during a session

Once the server chosen, click on Enabled to activate the multi-viewer mode.

Keeping “Automatic Region Choice” won’t guarantee to all be on the same server. Best choice is to choose one and be on the same server for all attendees. All attendees must do the same operation as described above.

Have a nice session with your peers.

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Updated on August 25, 2022

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