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HakoBio Academy – Tutorial – Oculus Quest

An Oculus Quest with HakoBio VR app installed is needed for all the further steps described.

Before Starting your VR journey, check the following videos to get how to run the app, log to your account and follow the First steps in VR tutorial :

Run HakoBio Academy app

Run HakoBio Multi from Unknown Sources

Log in

Login with virtual keyboard

Access the tuto – First steps in VR

Choose the tuto scenario : First steps in VR

Interactions with controllers within the VR scenes

Use the joysticks of the controllers to move and reach a point in the room or approach the equipment

  • Use the left Joystick to move forward, backward, left or right
  • Use the right joystick to move at 360° on yourself
Left joystick to move inside the room
Right joystick to move to turn around

Touch the virtual watch to access media

When proposed by the scenario, touch the watch in the VR by approaching the right controller to the left one. No button action is needed, it’s a touch from the virtual hand on the virtual watch that make appear the main menu to access media.

Quit the menu to resume the scenario

Point and select the red cross on the top right allows to quit the menu and resume the scenario

Identify an item – point and select

With the controllers point the targeted item which is highlighted in green. When the laser is targeting it becomes highlighted in blue, then press the trigger button (index finger) to finalize the selection.

Point an item and press the trigger button (index finger)

Touch an item – move close and touch

Touch the screen with your virtual hand
(without using any button)

Grab & place an item – move close and grab it

Use middle finger button (medium finger) to grab and then move the asset still grabbing

Grab & rinse an item – Grab the squeeze bottle to rince an item

Use middle finger button (medium finger) to grab the squizze bottle and then

Push the trigger button (index finger) to squeeze and rince

First steps in VR – Tuto – All steps

This video shows all the steps done inside the tutorial First steps in VR
Updated on March 19, 2021

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