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How to create your account

Register to our demo platform

To access our demo platform follow this link: https://app.hakobio.com/

Either you have been invited by email or discovering by yourself, it’s easy to register just fill in the registration form :

  • Firstname
  • Lastname
  • Department
    • Equipment Supplier
    • Biopharmaceutical Company
    • Service providers
    • Academics / Student
    • OUAT! Internal Staff
  • Country
  • Company
  • Email
  • Password

 Your password must be at least six characters and must contain a minimum of one capital letter, one numeric number and one special character.

Once done, confirm your details by accepting the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Then click on “Create Account” to finalize your account creation.

If you have not been previously invited, a request will be sent to our team of administrators. They will review shortly your request to finalize your account creation. When it’s done you will receive the good news by email and can sign in from here.

It’s because we take care a lot about your account confidentiality.

 You can also access the register page from the login page, by clicking on “Create your account”. Or vice-versa!

Register from an invitation email

If you’re lucky you may have been invited by an administrator or from an user through a digital twin project sharing.

It’s even easier, then !

When a HakoBio admin invites you or when a user shares a project with you, it means you will receive an email invitation to register and have no necessary to have your account validated by an administrator. You just need to follow the same steps described above

HakoBio demo platform or private HakoBio organization?

There is many HakoBio organizations and only one is a free demo, accessible by this URL: https://app.hakobio.com/

If you don’t recognize the branding or your company logo by signing in, it means you won’t find your work and your given rights of access are different.

What to do, then : Contact Us or contact a support from your company.

Updated on January 16, 2023

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