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Streaming your HakoBio experience – Gear VR

Important notice

The HakoBio VR app for Samsung Galaxy S and Note with Gear VR is not supported anymore.

For any questions on VR compatibility with HakoBio, please contact us.

Streaming your HakoBio experience to an external screen requires a Google Chromecast.

A Google Chromecast is a device, that allows you to share your HakoBio experience from inside the VR Headset, to an external screen like a TV, computer monitor or video projector.

For more information on how to pair your chromecast to your phone, please visit Google’s guide here.

Once paired, you will have random pictures appearing on your screen.

You now have to stream your HakoBio content to the screen. To do that,you must go through the Oculus application (the application is already installed on the phone for VR content purposes).

Once inside the Oculus application, go to the Friends or Library tabs, and click on the cast button on the top right of the screen.

Once clicked, the icon will change into a full icon, meaning that the casting has started.

When the cast starts, a white Oculus logo must appear on black background on the screen.
You can now start streaming your HakoBio content by connecting the phone to the headset.If you follow this link, start at Step 2.
Updated on November 24, 2020

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