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Access and immersion – Gear VR


The HakoBio VR app for Samsung Galaxy S and Note with Gear VR is not supported anymore.

For any questions on VR compatibility with HakoBio, please contact us.

Once you have designed your process in HakoBio, it is time to enter it in virtual reality.

How to get immersed in your process:

  1. Turn on your Samsung Galaxy S or Note phone
  2. Tap on HakoBio2 to open the application. If it is your first time opening the application, make sure the phone is connected to the internet (WiFi or 3G/4G).
  3. A message will appear indicating to connect the phone to the Gear VR headset. To connect it, make sure the headset USB connector is adjusted on the “B” spot for Galaxy S7/S8/S9 phones.
  4. Once the phone is connected, wear the headset and wait until the HakoBio logo appears (this usually takes 10 seconds).
    • If any image or visual appears, other than the HakoBio logo, disconnect the phone from the headset and start again from step 2.
  5. Following the HakoBio logo, a login screen will appear in virtual reality. To insert your login details:
    • With the white circle in the center of the screen, aim at the Username and Password areas and select them by tapping on the touchpad on the right of the headset.
    • A virtual keyboard will appear and you can insert your login details.
    • Check the “Remember me” box for an easier login in the future.
    • Select “Sign in” to access your account.
  6. If this is your first connection, wait for the 3D models to be downloaded. If not, go to step 7.
  7. You have now accessed the Project Menu. Search for a project in the list and select it.
  8. You will then access the Project Map, giving you a representation of the entire project in 2D view.
    • To enter the project, aim at an empty space inside a room (where there are no equipment) and tap on the touchpad. You will then be teleported to the selected location.
  9. To navigate the process, slowly tap on the touchpad and move your head in the desired direction. Remember, it is possible to go through doors.
  10. To go back to the Project Map, click on the physical button “Back” on the right of the headset. If any changes were made on the web application, you can refresh the project from this menu to see the changes in virtual reality.
  11. Clicking one more time on the “Back” button, takes you back to the Project Menu to select another project.
  12. Clicking a third time on the “Back” button logs you out of your account. To log back in, see step 5.
  13. From the Project Menu, you can select projects and make them accessible offline.To do that, go to the Project Menu and select “Offline” menu. With the touchpad, tap on the projects you want to make accessible offline. They will turn from silver to blue. To validate your choice, select “Done”.
  14. To quit the VR application, disconnect the phone from the VR headset.


  • When the VR headset is not worn, the HakoBio application goes to sleep to save phone battery. To wake the phone and get back to the visit, simply wear the headset. The screen will light up after a couple of seconds.
  • The “Home” button on the right of the VR headset takes you to the Oculus store, e-store for virtual reality application. To exit the Oculus store, disconnect the phone from the headset and start again from step 2. The Oculus store will sometimes propose to “Resume your session”. In that case, aim at it and select it by tapping on the touchpad, to go back to your HakoBio experience.
  • For an optimized experience and graphics, remember to regularly wipe the VR headset lenses, as well as the phone screen.
Updated on November 24, 2020

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