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First steps in the Solution Builder

Creating rooms

Creating rooms in HakoBio is as intuitive as it can get!

Quick Shape

Do you need to create a square room?
Just drag and drop the Quick Shape onto the grid, after defining the room name, its area and even the walls’ height. A square shape will automatically appear with the name and area you defined.

Manual Shape

For more complex room shapes, use the Manual Shaping tool to design your space.

Just click on the “Pen”  icon and start placing your anchor points on the grid by clicking once on the designated place.
Right-angled corners will directly appear as you move your cursor to place the next anchor point.
After placing the last anchor point, you need to close the room you’re creating. 
To do that, either click on the first anchor point you created, or double click where you would like to place your last anchor point. There you have it, a brand new room!

Editing room’s information

You can edit a room’s name at two different times:

  1. When first creating the room.Before dragging and dropping your room onto the grid, you can choose a name for it. Just type it in the “Name” field and then drag and drop the room.

2. If the room is already created, just select the room by double clicking on it and modify its name just below the project’s name on the info panel. The Isolated View is activated here. 

You can also edit the walls heigth. Select a room and open the Info Panel.

To navigate inside a project, press on the grid and move your mouse or pad.

Zooming in and out

Try using the Plus and Minus icons, or scrolling with your pad or mouse wheel.

2D and 3D view

By default, when you open the Solution Builder, you can visualize the project in 2D view.

We recommend to use the 2D view to construct your facility entirely. 

To access the 3D view”, click on 2D”. The menu has changed and you have now access to different options. 

Adapt the walls to your preference by pressing this icon. You can choose between three options : Realistic, Translucent and Invisible.

By default, the activated option of navigation allows you to navigate in four directions. This is translation mode. Press on the Solution Builder window and move your mouse or pad. 

Clicking on this icon will activate a 3D space navigation mode allowing you to visualize your project in a 360° mode. This is rotation mode.

You can switch between translation and rotation modes by pressing the “Space” button on your keyboard.

Integrating your plan

Ever wish you could integrate your architectural 2D plan in HakoBio to build your rooms and place your equipment with an adequate scale? Well, wish no more!
You can now integrate your plan in the Solution Builder background.


Click on the plan icon on the bottom left corner of the Solution Builder window. Browse for and select the .png file you would like to upload.

Once your plan is uploaded, you need to scale it. All you need to do is click on the image to draw a line from beginning to end, and then indicate the desired length of the line in the corresponfing field.

Note: You can always choose to hide the plan by clicking on the “Eye” icon next to the file name. Also, to delete the plan, click on the bin next to its name.

Tip: By default, when you open the Solution Builder, you can see the 2D view. We recommend to use this view to construct your facility entirely. 

Updated on September 19, 2019

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